If you are concerned about your relationship with your significant other , need some marriage relationship advice or need an opportunity to address your concerns or you just need to find the perfect setting to build on your relationship, well we can help you with that. Connection Impact is here for you and your loved one. 

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Please take the time to read through the following questions that might apply to your relationship:

Is Our Marriage In Trouble?


Start mending your unhealthy relationship before it’s too late. We've all heard the dauntingly horrible statistic: 50% of marriages end in divorce. No one wants to be a cliché, and everyone wants to find themselves amongst the 50% that beat the odds.
Let us help you...

Are We Ready To Get Married?

Being in love is a great place to start a healthy marriage and it can help to keep you on the road. But just being in love is not enough! Marriage is a test of our emotional and life skills. Most of us were never taught many of these skills, it is no surprise that so many marriages, even those that are based in love, are a continual struggle and often fall apart.

Let us help you with the skills you will need...

Financial Pressure Is Hurting Our Marriage!

The economic downturn is putting stress on marriages at every income level. Are disagreements about money placing a strain on your marriage? Find out now, before it's too late, how you and your partner can better cope with financial stress.

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Is There Still Romance In Our Marriage?

Take a minute and close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about the phrase, "over and over again." Are you thinking what I’m thinking? What comes to my mind is something very romantic and sensual. Think about how the love in your relationship is going and be honest with yourself. In day-to-day life, it’s easy to get off track when it comes to romance in your marriage. 

Let us help you recapture that spark...




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Connection Impact Trust is a Non-Profit Organization which strives to create effective and significant relationships between and among people and to empower people to establish and maintain these relationships. These relationships are marriage relationships between a man and a woman, family relationships, friendships as well as relationships at work.